Can you eat square or heart shaped Japanese watermelon?

Is square or heart shaped watermelon tasty?

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Have you ever wondered if Japanese square watermelon tastes good?  What about heart-shaped watermelon? Are Japanese watermelons edible? 

According to a new report, the fruits are not tasty. Watermelon has many known health benefits, but when you mess with mother nature to make a cubed or heart-shaped watermelon you lost taste.

Why is it done?

According to reporter Tamar Najarian, who originally published this on, which is no longer active: 
" the time it [square watermelon] is the proper shape, it has not been given the time needed to also mature. As such, one can buy a non-edible square watermelon for nearly $100 from posh upscale supermarkets and use it as decoration or gifts that could last up to a year or more."  
In Najarian's opinion that makes square watermelons pretty useless, despite the fact that they're produced to make them easier to store.

Heart-shaped watermelon tasty

If you want something different to give as a gift, you could offer a heart-shaped watermelon that actually does taste good. If you're thinking square watermelon- forget it. They are not edible. 

Eating square watermelon might be novel, but when it comes to the flavor you're likely to be disappointed. Instead, opt for heart-shaped watermelons that are not only unique but also sweet and tasty. 

Updated: 12/26/2022


Anonymous said…
This is the stupidest thing I've ever heard suggesting that square and heart shaped watermelon would be different is stupid. They are both harvested as soon as they fill the mold and have no time to ripen. They will taste the same and whoever posted this is an idiot or in the pocket of the heart shaped watermelon industry.
No, anonymous, the square watermelons are harvested before they are ripened. They are therefore bitter. Sorry, but true.
Unknown said…
Square watermelon is not ripe hence why they last so long.
They are bitter and decorative.
Anonymous said…
If they aren't ripe then wait until their ripe
FC said…
Water melons do not ripen after picking...If you pick them un ripen they stay that way...They are not Bananas...SO many ignorant comments on here...Oh and square water melons taste like shit
Anonymous said…
"but when you mess with mother nature to make a cubed or heart shaped watermelon you lost taste."

"If you want something different to give as a gift, you could offer heart shaped watermelon that actually do taste good."

which is it? first it says heart shaped watermelon has no flavor then it says they do have flavor?
You can grow your own that taste good. You can cut a regular watermelon into a square or heart
to get the novel shape. But the Japanese square or heart shaped watermelons that are also tedious to grow are not edible. I've updated this to clarify.