Today is a new day. What can you do to feel good? Start by stretching. Yes, stretch before you even get out of bed. Stretching is found to increase endurance and strength, it's simple and it really feels good.

Do this before you even get up. Inhale, then bring your knees to your chest as you exhale. Only go as far as feels comfortable and repeat five times. Next reach your arms overhead, point your toes and just breathe, relax and do it again.

Next, get up and dangle your legs over the side of the bed. Extend your legs, point and flex you feet, then circle them around. Remember to breathe slowly and deeply - the breath will come naturally, so don't force it.

Next, raise your left arm toward your ear, rest your right hand on the bed, breathe and gently stretch. Now do the other side and repeat.

Now bring your chin to your chest, then right ear, left ear and gently back. Repeat several times.

Finally, shrug your shoulders up and down, then forward and back.

Now give your head and eyes a little massage and face the day! Wonderful, yes? Over time you will learn to incorporate your own variations into your morning routine. You can stretch anytime you need to throughout the day. Eventually, you will gain increased flexibility and yes, more strength. I guarantee your day will be brighter and you'll feel more relaxed.