Green Tea Improves Bone Density - Prevents Osteoporosis

Newer studies found that women between the ages of 70 and 85 who drink tea have greater hip bone density than those who do not consume tea. More density means heavier and stronger bones, less osteoporosis, and less risk of fractures from accidents.

Researchers believe that the antioxidants in tea may be responsible for the good news. Hip fractures occur frequently with even minor falls. Preventing osteoporosis is a constant challenge post menopause.

To get the best benefit of the antioxidants found in tea, you should consume green tea, as it has the highest level of flavinoids - the substance responsible for consuming free radicals (damaging substances in the body). But, not to worry if you don't like the taste of green tea: there are many choices and they're all good for you.

If you have health reasons to avoid caffeine, or just prefer to do so, decaffeinated teas are readily available as an alternative. It doesn't matter if you drink it hot or cold, but instant tea is not your best choice.

It's been known for a long time that tea can strengthen immunity, aid digestion and rid the body of free radicals. Now we have another potential benefit.

Symptoms of osteoporosis include:

  • Lower extremity cramping; especially at night 
  • Increased bone pain and tenderness 
  • Neck pain or discomfort 
  • Persistent pain in the abdomen,spine and lower back 
  • Tooth loss 
  • Brittle Fingernails 
  • Periodontal disease 
  • Fatigue 
  • Rib pain

A combination of proper dietary intake and exercise are your best defenses for both prevention and treatment of osteoporosis. Remember too, either men or women can develop osteoporosis.

Today's habits lead to tomorrow's health.