Pedometer Based Walking for Weight Loss

Pedometer based walking programs are a sure fire way to help with weight loss. Every step you take increases your calorie expenditure. According to a study published in the January/February, 2008 issue of the Annals of Family Medicine, pedometer based walking programs can result in a modest amount of weight loss for sedentary adults.

Simply put, people who walk more are thinner than those who walk less. Researchers looked for studies in electronic databases,and contacted pedometer experts to find studies supporting the benefit of step monitors, without dietary interventions, to improve weight loss. They found nine studies, showing that those who used pedometers, lost 0.5kg/week, or one pound every ten weeks. Most people put on weight over a period of time, and it's alright to lose slowly. However, if you combine walking with dietary changes, you're sure to lose more.

You can perform your walks by either taking one long walk daily, or gradually increasing the duration of several short walks - either way will get results. The authors conclude: "Pedometer-based walking programs without a dietary intervention component do result in a modest amount of weight loss," the study authors conclude. "Pedometer-based walking programs also do increase step counts and thus can be expected to confer health benefits that are associated with both a modest decrease in weight and an increase in physical activity."

Clip your pedometer on your waist, and have fun watching your progress!

Ann Fam Med. 2008;6:69-77.