Testosterone Spray for Increased Libido in Women - Study Reveals it's All in the Mind

The proof is now in the pudding. The female libido really must be complex. According to a new study, testosterone spray works as well as using nothing for the treatment of sexual dissatisfaction in premenopausal women. Testosterone seems to help women who are postmenopausal, but the effect before menopause has not been established.

Susan Davis, MD, of Monash University in Victoria, Australia, studied the response of 261 women aged 35 to 46 who reported sexual dissatisfaction and had low testosterone levels. They all received either one of three different doses of testosterone sprayed on the abdomen, or a spray that contained nothing (placebo). All of the women reported an increase in sexual satisfaction. In an accompanying editorial regarding the outcome, Rosemary Basson, MD, of the University of British Columbia, suggests that hormone replacement with testosterone may not be the best choice of therapy for women who want to boost their sex drive. She suggests that doctors explore mental health and relationship issues to address reports of sexual dissatisfaction.

Testosterone peaks in women at age 20, and then begins to decline. It is an important hormone for women as well as men. Past studies have shown that combination estrogen/testosterone replacement improves both the psychological and physiologic well being of women who have had their ovaries and uterus removed, and has been taken by many women who were postmenopausal.

The conclusion is that there is no reason to support the use of testosterone in women prior to menopause.

Hormonal balance is best maintained in women who are physically active and eat foods rich in magnesium, potassium and other minerals. Consider adding soy to your diet. Fresh fruits and vegetables should also be consumed throughout the day. The combination of good health and professional counseling appear to be the best solution to sexual health - at least until we know more.