Olive Leaf Extract Found to Treat Mild Hypertension in "Twins Trial"

According to a new trial, EFLA®943 (a specially prepared olive leaf extract), can help lower blood pressure in individuals with mild hypertension. Previous studies have documented several health benefits of olive leaf in animals. The results of previous studies show that olive leaf extract exhibited antiviral, antimicrobial, and anti-HIV properties, as well as thyroid stimulating capabilities in rats. Now researchers from Switzerland and Germany have tested the benefits on humans.

Scientists have also documented the protective effect of olive leaf following X-Ray radiation, surmising that it is a potent scavenger of free-radicals. Olive leaf is rich in polyphenols, one of the most plentiful anti-oxidants found in foods. The benefits of polyphenols extend to cardiovascular health, helping to maintain healthy cholesterol levels, preventing atherosclerosis.

The current study, deemed the the “Twins Trial”, provided treatments to 20 pair of identical twins, using either placebo, or 500 to 1000 mg. of olive leaf extract EFLA®943 who had mildly elevated blood pressure. After eight weeks to treatment, blood pressure readings were repeated, as well as assessment of data regarding lifestyles.

According to one of the co-authors, Cem Aydogan, General Manager of Frutarom Health, “The study confirmed that olive leaf extract EFLA®943 has antihypertensive properties in humans…showing that “taking a 1000mg dose has substantial effects in people with borderline hypertension."

The results are published in the latest edition of Phytotherapy Research.

Source: Olive leaf extract can help tackle high blood pressure and cholesterol