Scientists Find Jasmine Flower Extract Fights Cancer

After a decade of research, Professor Eliezer Flescher of The Sackler Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University, has shown that a compound from the Jasmine flower may hold the key to safe and effective cancer treatment. The compound methyl jasmonate is a synthetic derived from the flower itself. Professor Flescher has now developed a drug from the flower that compound showing promise for its effect on blood cancers and solid tumors.

Dr Flesher says, “Acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin) is based on a plant stress hormone. I asked myself, 'Could there be other plant stress hormones that have clinical efficacy?' While various studies have suggested that aspirin can prevent cancer, especially colon cancer, I realized that there could be a chance to find a potent plant hormone that could fight cancer even better. I pinpointed jasmonate.” He is hopeful that a jasmonate anti-cancer drug can be on the shelves of pharmacies in the US within the next four years. He explains - “Proven to be non-toxic, it has the same regulatory status as table salt. That and the fact we are working on a natural chemical gives us a good starting point for launching a new drug." Jasmine compounds are also widely used in cosmetics and agriculture.

Dr. Flesher has published his findings in the academic journal Oncogene. Since then six new research groups have also begun investigation. A peer commentary regarding Dr. Flesher’s work, also published in Oncogene, in support of Dr. Flescher says, "Methyl jasmonate has already been shown to have selective anticancer activity in preclinical studies, and this finding may stimulate the development of a novel class of small anticancer compounds.”

Dr, Flesher’s studies are funded by Sepal-Pharma, a newly formed biotech company. He is also a member of their advisory board. The company is actively developing compounds from what is described as the “jasmine scaffold”, the company’s basis for developing a sequence of chemical derivatives.

We have many gifts from nature to help improve existing health conditions, as well as disease prevention. Research such as this should be encouraging. We are slowly uncovering less toxic and more natural solutions for treatment of some of our most challenging health issues.

Source: Anti-Cancer Flower Power

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