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There's no question that we can learn, but can we translate our learning into action? We face disasters, and none of us are immune. Hunger, climate change, and the threat of displacement from war and natural disasters are real. You could easily become a victim.

We are not disempowered. Helping others means learning more about what goes on in the world, and exploring initiatives. It's a matter of personal growth and sharing - and yes, it can help you remain healthier.

Blog Catalog has teamed up with Refugees United to do exactly that.

Creating change in the world means making a conscious effort. It takes compassion and maturity to get involved in helping others. Today's effort is directed at helping refugees.

There are currently an estimated 14 million refugees worldwide. They come from all cultures, and they are our kin. There are many ways to help. Choose just one. We all have the ability to do something positive.

Refugees can't go home - they have no home. They're afraid. Religious and political differences, war, and natural disasters displace millions, separating them from their families. They become homeless, faceless, and ill. There is no access to health facilities, no chance for productivity and income, and no chance of education for their children. Refugees live day to day in uncomfortable conditions - most of us couldn't even expose our pets to those conditions.

Traveling to neighboring countries, and being allowed to remain requires meeting specific criteria. IF those criteria are met, those who flee are allowed to remain in refugee camps, under less than adequate conditions. Many women turn to prostitution, and are especially vulnerable to rape. Water, food, sanitation and medical care are either absent or sparse. Some return to their own country. Others wait for months or years to find a home. Less than 1% of refugees find a third home.

How you can help

Do what you can. Make a donation.

Anyone involved in healthcare can access "Healthy Living Toolkit" to help educate refugees trying to navigate their way through the healthcare system.

Visit Doctor's Without Borders.

Attorneys can provide free services to help the process of reuniting and relocating. Most communities have established their own programs. Check with your local churches and legal organization to see if you can help. You can start by exploring the UN Refugee Agency's website.

Organize a hike to help raise funds and awareness of the plight of refugees worldwide.

Take action by sending a letter to Congress.

Find out what community organizations in your area support refugees. Give your special skills. Consider helping with translation if you are multilingual. Find a few hours to volunteer - raise awareness in your area, a powerful start.

Community, church leaders, teachers, camp leaders, organizations of all types, and anyone who just cares can order materials to help raise awareness.

You can make a difference to help refugees wordwide. It starts here. It takes a minimum of effort.

Willingness to help others is good for your health. How could we not mention the personal benefits? Getting involved in helping refugees is a winning situation for everyone. Finding compassion through activities that make us think differently can alleviate depression and ameliorate the impact of stress in our lives, a known contributor to disease.

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