Sleepless in America – Economy Fuels Insomnia

A whopping thirty three percent of Americans experience sleepless nights because of worries about the economy. The effect of sleeplessness leads to several health concerns, as Americans worry about finances, sleep less, and fret about money and job loss. According to the results of a new poll, one third of Americans risk health and safety because of lack of sleep, driven by economic fears in America

The National Sleep Foundation poll shows that lack of sleep is directly related to other unhealthy practices. Without sleep, quality of life declines, eating habits get worse, and work quality suffers. Since 2001, Americans who eight hours of sleep per night has dropped 10% - from 38% to 28%. Americans getting less than six hours of sleep each night has increased from 13% to 20%. The findings suggest loss of job, and financial worry is causing Americans to lose sleep, affecting the health of one-third of Americans.

David Cloud, CEO of the National Sleep Foundation tells us, “Sleep is essential for productivity and alertness and is a vital sign for one’s overall health. It’s easy to understand why so many people are concerned over the economy and jobs, but sacrificing sleep is the wrong solution.”

Among Americans who report insomnia and other sleep problems, only thirty-two percent are discussing sleepless night with their healthcare provider. Sleep is essential, yet even physicians are overlooking the widespread problem of lack of sleep from financial and economic worries found in the study.

Two out of ten Americans are losing sleep, logging in less than six hours of sleep nightly. A growing public concern is driving when drowsy – a safety issue reported by forty percent of Americans polled. Driving while drowsy occurred at least once a month,as reported by sleepy Amerians taking part in the poll.

The effect of the economy on sleep is taking a toll on exercise. Americans are too tired. In addition, lack of sleep is leading to unhealthy eating habits, and sloppy work. Efficiency at work suffers without enough sleep.

Meir Kryger, MD, Director of Research and Education at Gaylord Sleep Services says patients are not getting the care they need either, ending up much sicker in the long run. “With the economy worsening, we are seeing patients in our clinic who have told us that they would not be returning for treatment because they or a family member have lost their jobs, and they are concerned about costs.”

Things are expected to get worse this year. The National Sleep foundation says it is important to speak with your doctor about sleep problems. Exercise, and do your best to keep anxiety levels at bay. Financial woes that cause lack of sleep, related to the economy, can have a major impact on psychological and physical well-being.

The poll shows clearly that Americans are losing sleep because of the economy, putting us at increased health risks for diabetes, high blood pressure, and other chronic diseases. Lack of sleep is affecting one third of Americans as the result of job loss and other financial concerns in a suffering economy.

National Sleep Foundation