Job Promotion Negatively Affects Mental Health

Contrary to popular belief, getting a job promotion does not improve mental health. The results of a new study show that job promotion negatively affects mental health, likely from the increased stress. The study, from University of Warwick researchers suggests that job promotion may be a cause of worry rather than joy.

Data from the British Household Panel Survey from 1991 to 2005 was analyzed by the researchers to determine if job promotion enhances mental health, which in turn leads to better physical health.

The results of the study showed that mental health declined by ten percent among the British population studied. One reason that job promotion may negatively affect mental health is time spent at work rather than at the doctor’s office, also a finding of the study.

Chris Boyce, a University of Warwick researcher says, “Getting a promotion at work is not as great as many people think. Our research finds that the mental health of managers typically deteriorates after a job promotion, and in a way that goes beyond merely a short-term change.”

Good mental health is important for good physical health. Though getting a job promotion may intuitively seem like a dream come true, the new study shows that job promotion negatively affects mental health, does not promote self-esteem, and results in less time at the doctor for necessary healthcare.

It seems that a focus on making money through job promotion may not be a good thing. The authors go as far as to suggest, “Temporary upturns in the economy are bad for people’s health”.