Breast cancer, Obesity, and Healthcare Reform

Breast Cancer Linked to Higher Insulin Levels

A new analysis of 5450 women shows that higher circulating insulin levels lead to twice the likelihood of breast cancer. Past studies have shown that obesity and diabetes contribute to breast cancer. The newest study more clearly defines the role of high insulin levels and breast cancer risk. Read more

Mouth Bacteria Linked to Obesity

Women who are overweight have different mouth bacteria compared to women whose weight is normal. Scientists at the Forsyth Institute say something very complex seems to link mouth bacteria to obesity. The research team was able to identify ninety eight percent of overweight women, based on one mouth bacteria alone. Read more

Neurologists Voice Concern Over Healthcare Reimbursement

Specialty physicians from the American Academy of Neurology have voiced their opinion on healthcare reimbursement from Medicare in a letter to Congress. The group is concerned that decreased healthcare spending will have a negative impact on groups of physicians who practice specialty medicine; neurologists being one of those groups. Read more