Acetaminophen, Vitamin D deficiency, Keeping your brain young

Acetaminophen May Carry Strong Warning

One of the most commonly used painkillers in the US, acetaminophen, can and has caused harm. Liver damage can occur in individuals thought to be genetically susceptible to the harmful effect of acetaminophen, present in many over the counter cold, sinus, and pain medications, and even narcotic pain medications, the most popular of which is Tylenol. Keep reading

Vitamin D deficiency a growing global problem

As populations throughout the world age, vitamin D deficiency is now seen as a global problem that requires focus. According to a new report from the International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF), large groups of populations lack adequate vitamin D, increasing risk of fracture and poor overall health. Keep reading

Keep your brain young with aerobics

A new study shows that aerobic exercise may keep elderly brains young. The findings provide the groundwork for further studies. Engaging in regular aerobic exercise might reverse changes that occur in anatomy and blood flow to the brain that occur with aging. Aerobic exercise may be the fountain of youth when it comes to brain health. Keep reading