Bacteria found in Clarcon products | The 5 factor diet | Vitamin d deficiency

Clarcon skin products pose serious danger to consumers

The FDA has issued a warning against Clarcon products found to contain various types of bacteria. Consumers are cautioned not to use any products from the Utah based firm that include skin protectants and skin sanitizers. The Clarcon products contain disease causing bacteria in high levels. Keep reading

Weight loss with 5 factor diet includes cheating

The 5-factor diet is now available online. Successful weight loss with this diet includes cheating. The diet was created for celebrities. The focus of the diet is eating healthy foods in small amounts, and frequently. The 5-factor diet promises weight loss and renewed energy. You should lose weight in five weeks. Keep reading

Ten health risks from low Vitamin D levels

This year has been big for Vitamin D research related to overall health and well-being. This year alone, researchers have discovered multiple health risks associated with vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D deficiency is now believed to be a global health issue.Investigators from the International Osteoporosis Foundation published findings this year that vitamin D deficiency has severe repercussions for increasing risk of fracture from poor bone health worldwide.Keep reading