Chlorophyllin Kills Cancer Cells and Other News Briefs

A new study, published in the International Journal of Cancer shows that chlorophyllin, a semi-synthetic substance derived from chlorophyll, a natural compound in plants, kills cancer cells. Chlorophyllin has been used in Chinese medicine, and taken before meals, is used to prevent liver cancer for those at high risk. Past studies suggest the role of chlorophyllin in treating cancer, finding it is non-toxic in high doses, and inexpensive. 

 New research shows that exercising, and avoiding weight gain can cut breast cancer risk as much as sixty – eight percent. According to a new study that excluded women who possess a genetic tendency for breast cancer, smoking and obesity still significantly increase the odds that a woman will develop the disease. 

For the first time, researchers have found a virus in malignant prostate cells. The virus, known to contribute to sarcoma and leukemia in animals could lead to a prostate cancer vaccine if further studies show the virus causes prostate cancer in humans.