Lifestyle Interventions to Prevent Cancer and more

Four lifestyle interventions that can prevent cancer

According to an extensive study review, four lifestyle interventions can prevent cancer - exercise, smoking cessation, reducing excessive sun exposure, and healthy eating. The review looked at how human behaviors change cells, producing malignancies. The researchers also identified which types of cancer can be prevented, or made less severe through lifestyle interventions. Read more

Boosting insulin restores aging muscles

New research shows that finding a way to boost insulin levels could restore muscles in the elderly. Insulin is needed to regulate blood sugar levels. It is also an important hormone that helps nutrients reach muscles. Insulin acts like a signal for muscle growth. Boosting insulin levels could restore muscles in the elderly. Read more

Wealthy more likely to lower cholesterol with statins

New research shows that wealthy individuals are twice as likely to lower cholesterol levels with statin drugs compared to the poor. Statins (cholesterol lowering drugs) are expensive. Their use is now associated with social disparities for treatment of heart disease among the economically disadvantaged. Read more

Breathing technique could control asthma

Two researchers at Southern Methodist University in Dallas have developed a program that teaches a breathing technique to help control asthma. The study has received a $1.4 million grant from the National Institutes of Health, and should be completed next year. The technique is designed to change the way a person breathes during an asthma attack. Read more