H1N1 Insights and More

H1N1 Outbreak at Air Force Academy Provides Virus Insights
Scientists have gained insights about controlling H1N1 flu spread from a major outbreak of swine flu that occurred June 2009 at the U.S. Air Force Academy (USAFA). They found that the H1N1 virus persists after symptoms of swine flu have disappeared, though questions remain about how long it can spread. Read More

Older Brains Get A Quick Boost From The Internet
Results of a new study show that older brains can get a quick boost from the internet. Changes can occur in just one week in key areas of the brain that are responsible for decision-making and complex reasoning. The findings from UCLA researcher s, show that first time internet users, in midlife and older, internet use can boost brain function quickly. Read More

Mercury Levels Same in Normal and Autistic Children
In a rigorous study, no significant difference in mercury levels in the bloodstream has been found comparing normal and autistic children. The findings come from UC Davis MIND Institute scientists looked at mercury levels in the bloodstream of children who have autism and children who do not, finding that levels are the same. Read More