Self-Insurance the best answer for the economy says Peter Roff and More

Why Self-Insurance Is the Answer to Our Health Care Mess
Despite its current problems, the U.S. economy is still the envy of the world, largely because it is still more or less governed by an entrepreneurial spirit. The idea that a person with a new idea or a better idea can, as a general principle, succeed through hard work and yes, luck, is still a vital component of what used to be called “The American Dream.”

It’s also in danger of becoming extinct. Thanks to the heavy hand of government and the rapacious nature of the lawsuit brigade, individual initiative is being taxed, regulated and sued – if not out of existence – then into the backseat of the American economy. Big business, in partnership with big government and big law, is attempting to level the playing field among existing actors and push the little guy, the future competitor, out of the way. Read the rest at FOXFORUM

H1N1 flu vaccine danger minimal, but might not be necessary for everyone
Not everyone agrees that the H1N1 flu vaccine, or any vaccine is safe. Some physicians have suggested there are H1N1 flu vaccine dangers, but not the majority. There are no guarantees that H1N1 flu vaccine carries no side effects, but so far, none have been seen. The H1N1 vaccine might not be necessary for everyone. Most people clear the H1N1 virus on their own. For healthy individuals, H1N1 flu vaccine dangers might be worrisome, compared to the risk of a mild bout of H1N1 flu. Read the rest a

Focus on right food to boost intestinal bacteria and immunity
New research shows exactly how intestinal bacteria play a role in boosting immunity –beginning with birth. The findings, from Australian scientists show that consuming fiber rich foods, probiotic and prebiotics supplements really can keep disease at bay. Now scientists understand better how food can boost intestinal bacteria and immunity. Read the rest at