Synopses: CXCL5 molecule promotes diabetes, climate control and other news

Researchers have discovered a molecule in fatty tissue that may be the reason obesity leads to diabetes. The molecule, CXCL5, produced by certain cells in fatty tissue, is found in larger amounts in obese individuals, leading researchers to believe CXCL5 plays an important role in the development of insulin resistance and diabetes. 

A group of senior physicians has formed the International Climate and Health Council to warn policymakers about the “urgent need” to protect human health by reducing carbon emissions. The goal is to push the government into taking action on climate change ahead of the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. 

Free e-samples of prescription drugs offer little value to consumers According to a new study, free prescription drug samples found on the internet offer little value to consumers. Though the urge to try free or discounted e-samples offered by pharmaceutical companies may be compelling, you’ll pay a higher cost to continue the drug. In most cases, a less expensive generic equivalent is not available, and the cost of continuing the high.

Updated 1/22/2023