Dark Chocolate eases stress in study and more

Scientists prove dark chocolate eases stress
The benefits of consuming dark chocolate for its antioxidant properties has been known, but until now dark chocolate was only suspected for easing stress. Now scientists have proven that dark chocolate alters metabolism and lowers stress biomarkers. Read more at emaxhealth.com

Short periods of meditation help patients cope with pain
In a new study, researchers point to "robust" findings that short periods of meditation can help patients cope with pain. Past studies show that extensive mindfulness training can change the way pain is perceived. The study is the first to show that meditating just twenty minutes a day is a valuable intervention that can decrease pain sensitivity and decrease perception of pain. Read more

Reading comic books boosts literacy for children
An expert in children's literature from the University of Illinois says reading comic books can boost literacy in children just as much as reading other books. Comic books can be a useful way to teach children to read and comprehend an important finding for parents and educators. Read more