Health care reform passage and more

What health care reform means to you
For uninsured Americans, passage of the Affordable Health Care for America Act means access to affordable and quality health care. The health reform bill will not cover abortions. Out of pocket spending limit is set at 5000 dollars annually. The bill includes tax subsidies for those below poverty level and expands Medicaid, and fines for employers who do not offer health insurance and for individuals without health care insurance. Read More

Tourette syndrome helped with deep brain stimulation
Tourette syndrome,(Gilles de la Tourette syndrome),is a neurological disorder that manifests before age 18, usually in childhood or adolescence. The involuntary movements that occur in individuals with the disease include facial tics, grimacing, involuntary movements of the limbs and trunk. Involuntary outbursts that include grunting, throat clearing, and shouting, barking, and even word repetition makes Tourette syndrome unbearable for those diagnosed. Read More

California H1N1 study shows high rates of death over age 50
An examination of H1N1 fatalities in California shows that after hospitalization, most deaths from swine flu occurred in those over age 50. The findings differ from reports that H1N1 flu primarily affects younger people and causes mild illness. Read More