N95 Respirators no Better Protection from H1N1 Flu and More

New guidelines urged for H1N1 protection among healthcare employees
Infectious disease experts are calling for a moratorium on OSHA guidelines for health care employees that require the use of fit-tested N95 respirators for personal protection from H1N1 flu. Three leading infectious disease organizations, have written a letter to President Obama citing lack of scientific evidence that N95 respirators offer additional protection from the virus, compared to surgical masks. The scientific groups urge new guidelines for H1N1 flu protection for healthcare workers to prevent “dangerous” consequences. Read More

Prostate biopsy not always needed when PSA elevated
Researchers now say that not all men with elevated PSA (prostate specific antigen) levels need prostate biopsy to test for prostate cancer. A naturally occurring hormone can also raise PSA levels, and the test may not always mean prostate biopsy should be performed. Read more

Thousands of cancer deaths yearly from excess body fat
Estimates show that thousands of cancer deaths occur yearly from excess body fat. Cancer is preventable with effective weight management. According to the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR), over 100,000 cancer deaths likely occur each year from obesity. Read More