Antioxidants in blueberry juice found to boost memory in older adults and other news

 A new study shows that drinking blueberry juice improved memory in older adults, and might be an alternative treatment for cognitive decline associated with aging, shown in a preliminary study. Seniors in their 70’s drank blueberry juice for two months and were compared to a group who drank a berry placebo beverage. The results showed that antioxidants in blueberries might improve memory by boosting neuronal signaling.

Copper and iron are essential nutrients, but scientists writing in the ACS Journal warn that steps should be taken to limit intake of both for consumers over age 50. Copper and iron that builds up in the body as we get older could contribute to a variety of age related diseases.

 University of Montreal researchers say protein supplements used by athletes are inefficient, probably misused, and do not improve performance or recovery time. The study also shows that knowledge of energy drinks, multi-vitamins, minerals and powdered protein supplements used by high level athletes and amateurs is weak.