Jennifer Lopez and her New Year's Eve Outfit oozes sensuality and more

Jennifer Lopez New Year’s outfit shows women over forty about sexy
Jennifer Lopez wore a New Year’s outfit that clearly shows women over forty are sexy. The singer wowed the audience at Times Square with her skin tight body suit that revealed a healthy, fit and sexy physique. Jennifer Lopez and her New Year’s outfit are an inspiration for staying in shape in the New Year. Read more

Restless leg syndrome and erection problems now linked in older men
New study results published in the journal Sleep, January 1, 2010, finds a link between restless leg syndrome (RLS) and erectile dysfunction in older men. The findings were obtained from an analysis of 23,119 men who participated in the Health Professional Follow-up Study. Information about erectile dysfunction and RLS was obtained via questionnaire, finding that episodes of restless leg syndrome per month is somehow linked to higher percentages of erection problems in men who are older. Read more

Bubbly champagne has benefits for heart health
New research published in the British Journal of Nutrition concludes that two glasses of bubbly Champagne is good for heart health. Champagne, just like wine, has beneficial chemicals that lower blood pressure, and reduce risk of blood clots, when consumed moderately. Champagne facilitates delivery of nitric oxide to the blood vessels, relaxing them, and improving blood flow. Read more