Senate report cites previously known Avandia heart risks and other briefs

Avandia dangers to the heart cited in Senate report 

The FDA has recently issued strong warnings about the risk of heart attack from taking drugs used to treat diabetes, including Avandia. Those warnings have existed for several years. Diabetics are already at higher risk for heart attack and heart disease because diabetes causes a lack of typical warning signs of a heart attack. A Senate report cites the heart dangers of Avandia that including heart attack and heart failure.

An enzyme found that keeps the heart healthy The enzyme calcineurin has been identified by researchers as a critical player in keeping the heart healthy as well as for normal heart development. In mouse studies, the enzyme was found to play a critical role in maintaining the strength of heart contractions and normal heart rhythm. 

Marijuana for pain treatment found in first clinical trials in two decades Researchers from California's Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research (CMCR) today presented findings to the California legislature and the public that smoking marijuana has therapeutic value for treating specific pain-related conditions. The studies are the first conducted on the therapeutic value of smoked cannabis in the US in more than twenty years.