Vitamin B3 antifungal properties discovered by scientists

Vitamin B3 limits fungus growth, could save lives

Vitamin B3 has been found to limit fungal infections that include candida, a type of yeast infection, and Aspergillus fumigata. Fungal infections can lead to death, for patients with HIV, cancer, and other diseases that compromise immunity. Researchers have discovered vitamin B3 has potent antifungal properties. 

Online weight loss program from AARP open to participants

AARP has launched an online weight loss challenge called fat2fit, led by fitness expert and author Carole Carson, who lost more than 60 pounds at age 60. Joining a community of like-minded individuals seeking better health through weight loss makes sense - and there are prizes.

Women get more sexually active between age 27 and 45

Researchers studied three groups of women to find that between age 27 and 45 sexual activity and libido accelerate. The scientists say the reason is that fertility declines as women approach menopause, driving them to become more sexually adventurous.