Surgeon removes eight pound, foot long tumor from man’s liver

Large liver tumor example
Man turned away by 3 surgeons

Marcus Muhich had a tumor in his liver that weighed 8 pounds and was a foot long. He had been turned down by three surgeons who said his tumor was inoperable.

The man was ultimately referred to a surgeon at Loyola University.

It’s now been two years since Dr. Margo Shoup, chief of the Division of Surgical Oncology at Loyola University Medical Center removed Mr. Muhich’s tumor. He is cancer free and calls Dr. Shoup a “miracle worker”.

The tumor was so large it was pressing against the man’s vena cava – a major artery that supplies blood flow to the heart. Three surgeons at major academic hospitals told Muhich the tumor couldn't be removed.

Because the cancerous liver tumor was pressing on the man’s vena cava, he was having an irregular heartbeat known as atrial fibrillation.

The 8 pound tumor was felt by a cardiologist when Muhich sought care for his heart rhythm disturbance.

Dr. Shoup was able to determine the cancer had not spread, even though it was large.

The chances of rupture of the vena cava and liver during surgery would have meant Muhich could bleed to death, but Dr. Shoup removed the tumor without complication.

Now the man is cancer free, his heartbeat is normal and there were no major surgery complications.

"The recovery was not difficult at all," Muhich said. "It hurt very little.

It’s been two years since the 8 pound, foot long tumor was removed. "Since he has reached the two-year point without a recurrence, his prognosis is excellent," Shoup said.

How did the man end up at Loyola University for surgery? -  Sarita Gilligan, Muhich’s sister said, "We truly believe God sent us there."

Source: Loyola University
Image credit: Wikimedia commons