How can sleeping help you find your keys?

A good night's sleep has everything to do with memory. If you fail to get enough sleep, chances are you could find yourself forgetting where you put your keys. 

Important information stored during sleep

University of Bristol researchers explain when we sleep our brain sorts through a ton of information. Getting a good night's sleep can help keep memory intact. 

The finding is especially important for people with Alzheimer's disease and for understanding how to prevent memory loss with aging. 

The finding, published in the journal Cell Reports highlights how the events of a day's activities are replayed in fast forward when we sleep. The brain then stores those memories in the hippocampus. 

Sleep strengthens brain cell connections 

Sleep strengthens nerve cells in the brain when things we learn throughout the day are filed. A good night's sleep can keep us from experiencing forgetfulness and might help prevent cognitive decline. 

Dr. Jack Mellor from the School of Physiology, Pharmacology and Neuroscience explained our emotional state when we learn new things also plays an important role in what we remember, which has "major implications" for understanding how people learn and how we teach.