Why men over age 65 may want to consider testosterone therapy

A new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found men over age 65 might benefit from testosterone therapy. 

Studies about the benefits of testosterone treatment have been mixed. Some studies suggest there are no benefits in boosting the hormone that naturally declines in men with aging.

Testosterone boosts sexual function in older men, trial finds

The new study took a look at the results of the first 3 of 7 Testosterone Trials, also known as T Trials involved in an analysis of the effect of testosterone replacement therapy on sexual function, physical function and mood.

Treatments restored testosterone levels to the mid-level of that of younger men, boosted the men's desire for sex, improved erections and resulted in increased sexual activity.

Improvements in mood and depression were small, the study found. There was no change in physical activity among the men studied.

Cora E. Lewis, MD of the University of Alabama at Birmingham who co-authored the study said the finding helps sort out some of the possible benefits of testosterone replacement for older men.

Some questions that remain is whether testosterone therapy for older men is safe. The negative effects remain unclear and may include higher risk of heart disease, stroke and blood clots.

Harvard experts warn there are still many "unknowns" when it comes to testosterone replacement therapy. Men should always consult their physician when weighing the possible benefits and risks.


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