How curcumin in turmeric could help treat drug resistant tuberculosis

Curcumin potential for new tuberculosis treatment
Curcumin that is an active chemical compound in the spice turmeric may be effective for treating drug resistant tuberculosis that has become a public health concern.

A new study that was carried out in lab cultures and not yet on humans found curcumin was able to remove the organism that causes tuberculosis - Mycobacterium.

The compound in the Indian spice stimulated cells called macrophages that play an important part in immune function.

What that means is that curcumin could potentially be used as a treatment for tuberculosis strains that cannot be eradicated with drugs.

The study results are published in the journal Respirology.

Curcumin has shown much potential for as a medicinal for cancer treatment, as an anti-inflammatory and much more. Researchers have been studying the compound in hopes of finding ways to develop targeted treatments for a variety of diseases.

Dr. Xiyuan Bai said in a media release that the finding still needs confirmation, adding that if the research is validated curcumin from turmeric could become a new treatment for drug resistant tuberculosis.