Lung cancer prevention another reason to eat yogurt and a high fiber diet

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A new study suggest lung cancer could be prevented by eating more yogurt
and fiber. The study is considered strong and highlights the ageless wisdom that ‘food is medicine’.

We already know high-fiber and yogurt are good for the gastrointestinal system
and can help prevent heart disease as well as colon cancer.

If you aren’t eating yogurt and plenty of fiber you’re missing out on the

previously mentioned important health benefits.

Vanderbilt researchers highlight how a high fiber diet that includes
yogurt could actually help prevent lung cancer.

Most of us don’t give enough credence to the power of food for preventing disease.

The suggestion that a yogurt and high-fiber diet can prevent lung cancer

came from a study that included 1.4 million adults in the United States, Asia and
Europe and lead by Xiao-Ou Shu, MD, PhD, MPH who shared
the finding is “robust” and “strong” for a 33% reduced lung cancer risk
even among former and current smokers, male and female.

The findings, published in JAMA Oncology, compared 1.4 million people

to find that eating more yogurt appeared to reduce the risk of the
deadly cancer 19 percent among the highest yogurt eaters.

Those who consumed more fiber had a 17 percent reduced
risk for lung cancer.

The foods combined reduced the
chance of lung carcinoma by 33 percent. 

Yogurt that contains prebiotics and probiotics and fiber

help maintain gut health, in turn boosting immunity
and lowering inflammation that is linked to nearly every known illness or disease. 

Probiotics offer an overall health boost