Sperm quality and male infertility could be from sugar laden diet

There are a number of factors. that can affect the quality of a man’s sperm, making it difficult
to facilitate pregnancy. Eating a diet full of sugar is one risk for male infertility, according to researchers.

Here's one simple lifestyle change you can make that helps sperm swim normally to reach the mark. 
It  costs nothing and can even lead to better overall health

What if something as simple as eating a healthy diet could make a big difference
for improving sperm motility? 

Even better…what if those little fellas like healthy food so much that
sperm begin swimming around normally in about one week?

Sperm quality changes quickly with a healthy diet

Some studies suggest it takes up to 74 days to get your sperm healthy.
But it seems it might not take that long at all. 

Two factors determine sperm quality: motility and sperm count.

A new study found that sperm motility improves after one week among study participants
who eliminated sugar from their diet.

It may not have been the sugar scientists say, but that’s the one thing that
was most noticeable that changed in the diet of men studied.

For the study, researchers enrolled fifteen healthy men. 

For the first week, men were given and healthy diet; then switched to a sugary diet the second week.
Semen was sampled 3 different times.

The finding, published in the journal PLOS Biology isn't the first to suggest men's sperm can be impacted by food.

What the study publishers aren't sure of is where the first week of eating a
healthy diet had a positive impact that carried over into the second week of testing.
The study authors wrote:

Sperm motility increased over the course of the study and was
prominent already after the first week of a healthy diet. While
we cannot dissociate the effect of the underlying healthy
diet from high-sugar intake, it is possible that the increase
of sperm motility was a direct consequence of the healthy diet,
which may have persisted into the second week.

Researchers have noted that as obesity rates rise, sperm quality declines. A 2014 study also
linked drinking sugary sodas to low sperm quality.

For men who want to consider a family, the findings are important.

If you knew you could change your chances of getting pregnant just by changing your diet,
would you? 
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Citation: N├Ątt D, Kugelberg U, Casas E, Nedstrand E, Zalavary S, Henriksson P, et al. (2019)
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Updated 12/26/2022