Mango research reveals more about why this fruit is heart healthy

 Could Mangoes help prevent heart disease and stroke?

Researchers suggest that eating about three- quarter of a cup of mangoes

a day might help prevent heart disease and stroke.

It appears that are loaded with antioxidants and other compounds

that work in harmony to keep blood vessels healthy. 

Two studies were presented by the National Mango Board, on July 27, 2023,

showing why the fruit might be a superfood to keep on hand. 

Study participants were tested for blood markers of oxidative stress

after either snacking on mangoes or low-fat cookies for 12 weeks.

They otherwise ate their normal diet. 

The experiment included healthy, overweight,

or obese men and women - 16 men and 11 women who switched between

mangoes or low-fat cookies after taking a break for 4 weeks. 

The markers tested in the study included vascular cell adhesion molecule-1 (VCAM-1),

which is thought to be a major player when it comes to promoting plaque in

the arteries,  and superoxide dismutase (SOD) which helps prevent cell damage. 

Mee Young Hong, Ph.D., the primary investigator for both studies

further explained in a press release “SOD and VCAM-1 play opposite

roles as risk factors for vascular issues. While the SOD enzyme

reduces risk by breaking down charged oxygen molecules called toxic

superoxide radicals the VCAM-1 gene causes cells to stick together

along the vascular lining, leading to increased risk for issues.” 

Keeping blood vessels healthy means the VCAM-1 level should be

lower and SOD levels should be higher, which is what happened to

the study participants after they ate mangoes. 

SOD is sold as a supplement, but the body can't absorb it,

making eating mangoes a savory and practical potential option

for cellular health.

Professor Hong shared the findings of the study are likely the result

of the bioactive compounds that are present in mangoes

that work in synergy to help blood vessels stay healthy

including Vitamin C, folate, and mangiferin. 

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