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Three reasons not to mix booze with energy drinks highlighted by researchers

Researchers warn about risks of energy drinks combined with alcohol Researchers warn that mixing alcohol with energy drinks can have negative health and personal consequences.
In a small study that included 75 people researchers found booze plus energy drinks can lead to the following:
Increased desire for alcohol
Hayley Hamilton, a scientist at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) and co-investigator of the Ontario Student Drug Use and Health Survey aid people mix energy drinks with booze because they think they can drink more.
But the combination can drive desire for more alcohol from the stimulating effect of caffeine.
“We normally think of alcohol as a depressant, but it also has a stimulant effect, and it is this stimulant effect that is most strongly related to how much we like alcohol, and whether we want to keep drinking,"  says lead author Rebecca McKetin, a fellow with the Center for Research on Aging, Health and Well-being at the Australian National University…