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Cause of colon cancer might not be what we thought

The cause of colon cancer might not be dietary or just hereditary. New research suggests polyps of the colon that lead to colon cancer could be caused in part by two specific types of  bacteria.
The finding has implications for how colon cancer begins and could mean new ways to prevent the disease that is the second leading cause of cancer death in the United States. (1) Two types of bacteria play role in inherited and sporadic colon cancerResearchers at Johns Hopkins made the discovery that two types of bacteria play a "critical role" in the development of  hereditary and sporadic cancer of the colon, based on observations that people with colon cancer harbor two types of intestinal bacteria.
The finding is also supported by studies in mice.
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The two types of bacteria noted in people with cancer of the colon that seem to promote the formation of colon tumors are Bacteroides fragilis and Escherichia coli/
The combination of the tw…

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