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Plant based diet study debunks eating for your blood type for weight loss, health

You may have read that it's important to eat certain foods based on your blood type. Depending on whether your blood type is O, A, B or AB, proponents of the blood type diet say there are foods to eat and foods to avoid for optimal health and a longer life.  Can eating certain foods based on blood type really help you live longer? The blood type diet was first introduced in 1996 by a naturopathic physician, Peter D'Adamo who alleges that even the spices you put on your food could contribute to better health and should be individualized for your specific blood type.  The theory is that certain foods and even the type of exercise you do should be individualized.  For instance, if you have type O blood you should eat plenty of meat and fish protein, vegetables and fruits but stay away from legumes - at least so the dietary guidelines say.  Recommendations for weight loss include avoiding dairy, corn and wheat and filling up on red meat, broccoli, spinach and olive oil.  Type A ind


Today is a new day. What can you do to feel good? Start by stretching. Yes, stretch before you even get out of bed. Stretching is found to increase endurance and strength, it's simple and it really feels good. Do this before you even get up. Inhale, then bring your knees to your chest as you exhale. Only go as far as feels comfortable and repeat five times. Next reach your arms overhead, point your toes and just breathe, relax and do it again. Next, get up and dangle your legs over the side of the bed. Extend your legs, point and flex you feet, then circle them around. Remember to breathe slowly and deeply - the breath will come naturally, so don't force it. Next, raise your left arm toward your ear, rest your right hand on the bed, breathe and gently stretch. Now do the other side and repeat. Now bring your chin to your chest, then right ear, left ear and gently back. Repeat several times. Finally, shrug your shoulders up and down, then forward and back.

Grab Some Health.

According to a recent study from Psychology Today, poor health is associated with anxiety. All too often, our negative behaviors are emphasized at the physician's office, by family and friends - we emotionally beat ourselves up regarding our overall health and well being. We all know we can do better. In fact, according to one study, emotional vitality is associated with a lower incidence of cardiovascular disease. Finding ways to reduce stress while taking small steps toward good health should be enough of an accomplishment on a daily basis. How about an entirely different approach? There are so many health tips and advice that everyone can use if you just know where to find it. Well, you are here! Perfection is a lofty goal, but doing better, one day at a time, is not. As a Registered Nurse, I've learned the importance of attainable goals - baby steps as it were. For starters, try walking. Simple walking is shown to reduce your chances of mortality from all causes