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Could simply listening to Mozart help people with epilepsy?

Listening to music composed by Mozart could help control seizures. The news from researchers add to the health benefits discovered in the past that listening to classical music might help people dealing with epilepsy. The findings that were presented last month at the European College of Neurpsychopharmacology; is a large study and based on reviews of literature that might inspire your doctor to suggest this simple intervention, combined with current treatment. Researchers, Dr. Glanluca Sesso and Dr. Frederico Sicca from the University of Pisa specifically looked at how Mozart's music affects epilepsy. Their review included 9 published studies out of 147; based on solid science and of good quality. Daily listening changes brain signals tooMozart's music also changed brain signals that are commonly seen in patients diagnosed with epilepsy,  in addition to lowering the number of seizures for people that listen to music daily. Tehe reduction varied between 31 and 66 percent. Dr. …

Arizona University Scientists Develop Ebola Vaccine

Researchers from Arizona University have developed a vaccine against the deadly Ebola virus that works on mice.

The scientists have found a way to grow and purify the vaccine using the tobacco plant. According to the finding, reported in more detail today at EmaxHealth, the production of the vaccine is inexpensive and could be stored for extended periods without expiring.

The Ebola vaccine is different because it doesn't use a live virus, which means it doesn't require special storage for safety reasons.

The vaccine isn't used to prevent Ebola, but instead provokes the body's immune system to fight the infection.

The next step is to see if the Ebola vaccine works as well humans as it did in mice.