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Could simply listening to Mozart help people with epilepsy?

Listening to music composed by Mozart could help control seizures. The news from researchers add to the health benefits discovered in the past that listening to classical music might help people dealing with epilepsy.  The findings that were presented last month at the European College of Neurpsychopharmacology ; is a large study and based on reviews of literature that might inspire your doctor to suggest this simple intervention, combined with current treatment.  Researchers, Dr. Glanluca Sesso and Dr. Frederico Sicca from the University of Pisa specifically looked at how Mozart's music affects epilepsy. Their review included 9 published studies out of 147; based on solid science and of good quality.  Daily listening changes brain signals too Mozart's music also changed brain signals that are commonly seen in patients diagnosed with epilepsy,  in addition to lowering the number of seizures for people that listen to music daily. Tehe reduction varied between 31 and 66 percent. 

Midlife Obesity Reduces Chances of Long Life for Women and More

Midlife obesity shortens lifespan for women Women who gain weight midlife are now found to have a shorter lifespan according to a new study. Researchers from the University of Warwick say the chances of living a long life declines by eighty percent in women who gain weight and are approaching middle age. Read more Olive Oil compound targets Alzheimer's proteins A naturally occurring compound in extra virgin olive oil has been found to limit the effect of toxic beta amyloid proteins that contribute to cognitive decline associated with Alzheimer’s disease. The substance, oleocanthal, restricts the ability of the toxic proteins to destroy brain cells. Oleocanthal is also a natural anti-inflammatory agent that works much the same as ibuprofen, shown in past studies, and could be developed to prevent and treat Alzheimer’s disease. Read more Weight loss significantly reduces sleep apnea New research shows that weight loss can significantly reduce the number of sleep apnea epis

Lifestyle Interventions to Prevent Cancer and more

Four lifestyle interventions that can prevent cancer According to an extensive study review, four lifestyle interventions can prevent cancer - exercise, smoking cessation, reducing excessive sun exposure, and healthy eating. The review looked at how human behaviors change cells, producing malignancies. The researchers also identified which types of cancer can be prevented, or made less severe through lifestyle interventions. Read more Boosting insulin restores aging muscles New research shows that finding a way to boost insulin levels could restore muscles in the elderly. Insulin is needed to regulate blood sugar levels. It is also an important hormone that helps nutrients reach muscles. Insulin acts like a signal for muscle growth. Boosting insulin levels could restore muscles in the elderly. Read more Wealthy more likely to lower cholesterol with statins New research shows that wealthy individuals are twice as likely to lower cholesterol levels with statin drugs compared t

Workplace violence and other health news

Workplace violence cited in Yale case According to reports, workplace violence has been cited in the murder of Yale University student Annie Le. Unfortunately, there were no signs that the lab technician arrested for the murder and worked with Le, Raymond Clark III, showed any visible signs that he could be murderous. New Haven Police Chief James Lewis told reporters, the crime is an “issue” of workplace violence – something “which is becoming a growing concern around the country.” Read more Persistent pain accelerates aging Middle age adults with persistent pain experience disability comparable to 80 to 89 year olds who do not experience pain, according to new study results. The research is the first to examine the effects of persistent pain and age related disability. Read more Tamiflu May Help Shorten The Duration of H1N1 Flu H1N1 swine flu vaccine will not be available until next month. In the meantime, swine flu, combined with an early start on seasonal flu, have many wo

Chlorophyllin Kills Cancer Cells and Other News

Natural compound chlorophyllin kills cancer cells A new study, published in International Journal of Cancer shows that chlorophyllin, a semi-synthetic substance derived from chlorophyll, a natural compound in plants, kills cancer cells. Chlorophyllin has been used in Chinese medicine, and taken before meals, is used to prevent liver cancer for those at high risk. Past studies suggest the role of chlorophyllin for treating cancer, finding it is non-toxic in high doses, and inexpensive. Keep reading Smoking and weight increase breast cancer odds New research shows that exercising, and avoiding weight gains can cut breast cancer risk as much as sixty – eight percent. According to a new study that excluded women who possess a genetic tendency for breast cancer, smoking and obesity still significantly increase the odds that a woman will develop the disease. Keep reading New-Found Prostate Cancer Virus Could Lead To Vaccine For the first time, researchers have found a virus in mal