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Could simply listening to Mozart help people with epilepsy?

Listening to music composed by Mozart could help control seizures. The news from researchers add to the health benefits discovered in the past that listening to classical music might help people dealing with epilepsy. The findings that were presented last month at the European College of Neurpsychopharmacology; is a large study and based on reviews of literature that might inspire your doctor to suggest this simple intervention, combined with current treatment. Researchers, Dr. Glanluca Sesso and Dr. Frederico Sicca from the University of Pisa specifically looked at how Mozart's music affects epilepsy. Their review included 9 published studies out of 147; based on solid science and of good quality. Daily listening changes brain signals tooMozart's music also changed brain signals that are commonly seen in patients diagnosed with epilepsy,  in addition to lowering the number of seizures for people that listen to music daily. Tehe reduction varied between 31 and 66 percent. Dr. …

Vitamin B3 antifungal properties discovered by scientists

Vitamin B3 limits fungus growth, could save lives

Vitamin B3 has been found to limit fungal infections that include candida, a type of yeast infection and Aspergillus fumigata. Fungal infections can lead to death, for patients with HIV, cancer, and other diseases that compromise immunity. Researchers have discovered vitamin B3 has potent antifungal properties. Read the entire story at

Online weight loss program from AARP open to participants

AARP has launched an online weight loss challenge called fat2fit, led by fitness expert and author Carole Carson, who lost more than 60 pounds at age 60. Joining a community of like minded individuals seeking better health through weight loss makes sense - and there are prizes. Read the rest at

Women get more sexually active between age 27 and 45

Researchers studied three groups of women to find that between age 27 and 45 sexually activity and libido accelerate. The scientists say the reason is because fertility decline…