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Berries, apples and tea can do wonders for your brain

If you'e looking for an easy way to keep your brain healthy, consider eating more berries, consuming more applies and drinking tea. There's good science to support the benefits of getting started early eating a healthy diet for preventing Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia. 
Alzheimer's risk significantly lower for older adults who consume these foods
Tufts University scientists looked at Alzheimer's disease risk among older adults and compared those that consumed scant amounts of apples, tea and berries that are loaded with antioxidants; published in the Journal of Clinical Nutrition. 
The study finding was based on conclusions extracted from dietary questionairres submitted during medical exams among heart disease risk patients participating in the Framingham Heart Study. 
One of the important highlights of this study, compared to others is that the risk of the brain disease was analyzed over a 20 year period, versus short term studies that have been pub…

Weight training improves tremors for Parkinson’s patients, finds study

Parkinson’s disease symptoms of tremor improve with weight training, finds an important new study.
Researchers from the American Academy of Neurology said in a media release, “While we have known that many different types of exercise can benefit Parkinson’s patients over short time periods, we did not know whether exercise improves the motor symptoms of Parkinson’s over the long term.”
Daniel Corcos, PhD, with the University of Illinois at Chicago and colleagues studied 48 patients wit Parkinson's disease who underwent progressive resistance training - weight training - for one hour, twice a week for two years. 
A second group of patients with Parkinson’s disease were assigned flexibility, balance and stretching exercises, known as fitness counts.
The researchers measured progress when the patients were off their medications, using the Unified Parkinson’s Disease Rating Scale (UPDRS) after six, 12, 18 and 24 months.  The scale measures the severity of symptoms of tremor that are a hal…