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Plant based diet study debunks eating for your blood type for weight loss, health

You may have read that it's important to eat certain foods based on your blood type. Depending on whether your blood type is O, A, B or AB, proponents of the blood type diet say there are foods to eat and foods to avoid for optimal health and a longer life.  Can eating certain foods based on blood type really help you live longer? The blood type diet was first introduced in 1996 by a naturopathic physician, Peter D'Adamo who alleges that even the spices you put on your food could contribute to better health and should be individualized for your specific blood type.  The theory is that certain foods and even the type of exercise you do should be individualized.  For instance, if you have type O blood you should eat plenty of meat and fish protein, vegetables and fruits but stay away from legumes - at least so the dietary guidelines say.  Recommendations for weight loss include avoiding dairy, corn and wheat and filling up on red meat, broccoli, spinach and olive oil.  Type A ind

Medical Imaging Tests may be Risky...

Radiation tests more risky for women, elders Physicians and other clinicians are being urged to take a close look at how much radiation their patients have been exposed to before ordering imaging tests that could put women and elders especially at risk. A new report, published in the August 27 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine, suggests that medical imaging exposes patients to twice the radiation that otherwise comes from natural sources, placing some individual, more than others, at greater risk for cancer. Read more Smaller brain result of obesity Researchers from UCLA and University of Pittsburgh have found that obesity leads to loss of brain mass. Obese individuals have been found to have eight percent less brain tissue compared to normal weight individuals. Just being overweight shrinks the brain four percent. Read more Oxycholesterol most dangerous for heart attack We know that high cholesterol, especially high levels of low density lipoprotein (LDL) can caus

Meeting the Mental Health Needs of Sexual Minorities and More

Gays twice as likely to seek mental health treatment According to the results of a new study, gays are twice as likely to seek mental health treatment, mostly from discrimination, violence, and stressful life events. Susan Cochran, in conjunction with a team of researchers from the University of California, Los Angeles, examined data collected from 2074 people interviewed in the California Health Interview Survey to find that 48.5% of sexual minorities reported receiving treatment in the past year. Only 22.5% of heterosexuals were found to have engaged in mental health treatment. Keep reading Protein therapy could eliminate open heart surgery Researchers from Tel Aviv University have been experimenting to find a way to make cardiac bypass surgery a thing of the past. Dr. Britta Hardy of Tel Aviv University's Sackler School of Medicine had demonstrated how an injected protein might make blood vessels in the human heart regrow, eliminating the need for open heart surgery. Keep

Blueberry supplement shows promise for hepatitis C | Parents responsible for childhood obesity | DHEA and stress response

Blueberry leaves can fight hepatitis C Results of a new study show the blueberry leaves can help fight against hepatitis C. The leaves of blueberry contain a powerful compound that prevents the virus from reproducing. Hepatitis C affects 200 million people worldwide, and can lead to cirrhosis of the liver, liver cancer, and death. Keep reading How and why parents can stop childhood obesity Childhood obesity has become so rampant; researchers say the current generation of children may be the first to have a shorter lifespan than their parents. According to a new report, childhood obesity has quadrupled in the last forty years. According to a new study, parents can stop childhood obesity. Keep reading DHEA found to increase performance under stress A study from researchers at University School of Medicine and the VA National Center for PTSD shows that DHEA can contribute to stress resiliency. The hormone, secreted in response to stress, was found to enhance performance of sol

Bacteria found in Clarcon products | The 5 factor diet | Vitamin d deficiency

Clarcon skin products pose serious danger to consumers The FDA has issued a warning against Clarcon products found to contain various types of bacteria. Consumers are cautioned not to use any products from the Utah based firm that include skin protectants and skin sanitizers. The Clarcon products contain disease causing bacteria in high levels. Keep reading Weight loss with 5 factor diet includes cheating The 5-factor diet is now available online. Successful weight loss with this diet includes cheating. The diet was created for celebrities. The focus of the diet is eating healthy foods in small amounts, and frequently. The 5-factor diet promises weight loss and renewed energy. You should lose weight in five weeks. Keep reading Ten health risks from low Vitamin D levels This year has been big for Vitamin D research related to overall health and well-being. This year alone, researchers have discovered multiple health risks associated with vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D de

Happy marriage helps the heart | Cinnamon for Health | Weight loss with skim milk

A happy marriage reduces risk of heart disease Working toward a happy marriage can significantly reduce heart disease risk. According to Stephen T. Sinatra, M.D., F.A.C.C, an unhappy marriage is as dangerous to heart health as other known risk factors that lead to heart disease. Dr. Sinatra is a Cardiologist who knows all too well how stress can lead to heart attack. A happy marriage reduces our risk of heart disease by reducing stress and negative emotions. Keep reading Cinnamon: A natural healer Cinnamon is a natural healer. The oils in cinnamon, found in the bark, contribute to better health. Cinnamaldehyde, cinnamyl acetate, and cinnamyl alcohol provide natural health benefits found in cinnamon. Keep reading Skim milk at breakfast may help weight loss Drinking skim milk in the morning might help with weight loss. Dietary strategies can keep hunger at bay, contributing to weight loss efforts. Researchers suggest drinking milk for breakfast might result in lower calorie con